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Birthdate:Nov 23
Location:Missouri, United States of America
I haven't updated in awhile. It is currently May 2011.

Wherein I chronicle the exciting details of my life, mostly but not exclusively SCA-related. By day I am a mild-mannered elementary school teacher (for the past 25 years); in my other life I herd cats within the SCA, specifically the nearly perfect (and not at all ethnocentric) Kingdom of Calontir. I am married to the most wonderful man on the planet (also for 25 years. Coincidence?) We are owned by a large century-old city house that needs some work, and three cats who let us pay the mortgage and utility bills as long as we feed and pet them regularly. We have recently realized that, being DINKS, we have the disposable income to travel out of the continent and have concluded that this is a Great Thing.

Specifically, I teach intellectually gifted kids. There isn't a job on the planet more fun than mine, which does not prevent me from being frustrated with administration and government. Currently the point at which I would by any measure make more money staying home and drawing my pension than working is seven more school years. Assuming the state legislature (during whose term, per Mark Twain, nobody's life, liberty, or property are safe) doesn't do something stupid in the next six years, and I don't really feel I must either leave or kill someone in Central Office, that's the current retirement timetable.

In the SCA I am known as Elasait ingen Diarmata. However, Mrs. S., elementary school teacher, is much more of a persona than Elasait ever thought of being. Though both Elasait and Mrs. S have Teacher Voice and know how to use it.

My superpower is Picky-Detail-Woman. The President of the SCA, Inc. said so at a Board meeting, so it must be true.

My SCA cat-herding adventures have included a stint as Calontir's seneschal, a term on the Board of Directors (for my sins), and until a couple of years ago I was the Calontir kingdom waterbearer. After which I became "the head of Fourth Company" in response to the Board's ruling that waterbearing was not an official activity. I love the irony of the Board having to make a rule saying, "There are no rules, dammit!" and I am sure that there are people in Gleann Abhann who stick pins in my voodoo doll every night. This does not upset me in the least. I am one of the very few people who can actually be legitimately proud of having an article of Corpora with my name on it.

My favorite events are the major wars--Lilies and Pennsic in particular. If I were able to attend it for more than 3 days I'm sure I'd like Estrella just as much, but there's that pesky job thing. (Edit: I no longer include Gulf Wars on that list; they have succeeded in re-creating the worst parts of other wars and added their own nightmarish bureaucratic twists. No, this doesn't just have to do with waterbearing...I can easily cite half a dozen other examples without trying. Mind you, if I could I'd still go to Gulf Wars for as much as I could attend, because, well, the major SCA wars are my favorite events.)

Most of my journal, thrilling as it is, is public, and that which isn't is mostly observations on life that might slightly damage my rep for diplomacy, but aren't really all that private. If I know you and you friend me, I will probably reciprocate. If I don't, drop me a note and explain where you know me from...I am notoriously bad with names/faces, and since the SCA has so many of them I might not recognize yours! I have added a few people to my f-list that I don't personally know, because I came upon their journals and found them worth reading. That's the exception, though.

Thanks to [info]musesrealm and [info]shoegal_icons for userpics.
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